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Chicago 5- fulfilling your every creative desire

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bernette Chicago 5

Chicago 5- fulfilling your every creative desire


The bernette Chicago 5 will wow you with its appealing youthful design. This robust sewing machine boasts a wealth of decorative stitches and many practical features to make your sewing easier and even more enjoyable.

    • 1-step buttonhole

    • Feed-dog drop

    • Improved hook system with drop-in bobbin system

    • Infinitely adjustable stitch width

    • LCD display and infinitely adjustable speed control

Stitch Width7mm
Preprogrammed stitch width and length
Feed-dog drop
Start-/ Stop-Function
Speed control
Needle-stop up/down
Hook SystemDrop-In
Stitch Patterns200
Stitches per minute800
Utility Stitches14
Quilting Stitches20


Blind stitch presser foot # F 

Even complicated blind hems and hemming are possible with the blindstitch presser foot # F. The stitches only just penetrate the hem, so the needle holes are barely visible on the right side of the fabric. This produces an apparently untouched piece of fabric without a visible seam. The blindstitch is therefore ideal for hemming items of clothing and home textiles. The blindstitch presser foot is ideal for all types of fabric. Thanks to its feed utility, it can also be used for even stitching of straight edges. Simply sew using the left-hand needle position and feed the fabric edge along the feeder. 

Discover the blindstitch presser foot # F in the range of bernette accessories!


Seam Guide Right 

This useful seam guide makes sewing parallel seams at even intervals really simple. The reliable feed guide provides optimal support for sewing and hemming. So even difficult sewing projects can be fin-ished cleanly and professionally. Simply secure the seam guide to the aperture on the presser foot holder – and you can start your next sewing project right away. When you use this invaluable accessory with your bernette sewing machine you will be amazed by the high level of comfort as you sew and quilt. The seam limit stop accessory is also ideal for creating regular patchwork patterns and seams. Precise, straight seams virtually create themselves. 

Discover the seam guide in the comprehensive range of bernette accessories!


Button-sew-on foot # H 

For creative types, the presser foot is a loyal companion on many different sewing projects.In addition to buttons of various sizes, you can also sew on rings or hooks. So you can embellish your favourite pieces however you like. The button-sew-on foot # H has a non-slip sole, which keeps every button in place while you sew.Its design comes with double benefits: it is attractive and also makes sewing on buttons and ornaments really easy.

Enjoy creative sewing projects – with the button-sew-on foot # H for buttons, rings and more!


Buttonhole slide foot # D 

This buttonhole slide foot # D is a reliable aid for sewing buttonholes – it is just as suitable for beginners as for advanced and ambitious sewers. The buttonhole length is automatically defined by the stud set in the button holder. Simply bull out the button holder at the back section of the foot and place the button in it. This allows any button hole to be repeated as many times as necessary. Sewing with cording is also possible, which is particularly practical for buttonholes in thick fabrics.

Discover the buttonhole slide foot # D in the extensive range of bernette accessories!

Cording Foot # M 

The cording foot # M is an expert in attaching slender yarns and cords. The ridges on the underside of the foot make it possible to sew on several yarns at the same time. When sewn on flat, the yarns re-semble chic train tracks and ribbons, thus providing a simple way of decorating your sewing project to stunning effect. A variety of different plain and decorative stitches can be used for sewing. Precise finishing on the sewn yarns is ensured by a pivoting bar on the underside of the foot. This presses the individual yarns down securely and keeps them in the desired place during sewing. 

Let your creativity blossom with the cording foot # M from the bernette range of accessories!


Gathering foot 

Give your clothing and home textiles the personal touch with the gathering foot. It makes the gathering of fabric a straightforward task. It feeds the fabric through unevenly because its sole does not sit level on the feeder. This creates an attractive ruffle effect when sewing. The ruffle effect varies depending on the thread tension: the higher the tension, the tighter the ruffle effect. The gathering foot also has a notch in the foot. This helps with sewing the gathered material onto a smooth piece of fabric, all in the same step. It thus saves time and looks like a professional finish. 

Discover the practical gathering foot in the comprehensive bernette range of accessories!


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BERNINA bernette Chicago 5

BERNINA bernette Chicago 5

Chicago 5- fulfilling your every creative desire


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